5 Easter Egger 8-9 weeks old: What sex are these?


May 8, 2012
I have these 5 EE's that I hatched they are about 8 weeks old. I have read several posts on how to tell what sex they are. I am still lost
. can someone help me out to give there expertise on what sex these chicks may be..?

Here is all 5

Here is 4 of the 5
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both black and whites look lie roos, gold and browns look like pullets, the gold and browns will probally lay very light brown to pinkish eggs.. Sorry no green eggs!
If I have healthy hens, egg color anadded extra.. What color hen lays the light green/blue egg? I was hoping for all hens.. Oh well..
I have to EE hens that look like yours (brown and black) and they both lay a beautiful green egg!
I can't wait to see what they lay.. I can't wait to see my Australorps and GLW to lay.. I hatched them in June and still have not seen an egg...I only have a red star laying now since my coop had an unwanted fox get into it last week and got a hold of some of my girls....
it did work out the gold one was a hen.. names her Blondie and the darker brown with the light chest was a hen also.. the other 2 were roos and began crowing 12/2/12 to confirm the sex.. that was a dead give away.. lol!

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