5 Eggs Today!


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
St Pauls, NC
YAY!!! I got my first 5 egg day (out of 7 pullets)!! I just LOVE the colors I am getting!!!

You can see the brown egg with dark purple speckles on the top and my almost pink egg on the left...

Cloe-up of my speckled egg!

All 5 eggs in the carton! The pink one really shows off among all the brown!

Funny thing is that I told DH that I wanted EE's because I wanted pink eggs.. Lo and behold, it's one of my production reds (mixed with speckled sussex) that is producing them afterall!

I love collecting eggs! It's just like christmas! Very pretty eggs, thanks for sharing! Now you need an EE that lays a green or blue egg!
Yep! I feel like the easter bunny is visiting me everyday.. I know there will be eggs and I even know where they will be.. But, I never know how many i will get.. LOL.. As for the EE's, I actually tried hatching some out last summer but it didn't go well at all.. Now that i look back on it, as bad as I want blue eggs, I don't want to wait forever for them to lay. They are one of the breeds that mature later and I already had to wait 29 1/2 weeks for my pr's to lay.. I thought that was too long.. LOL... I would go absolutely bonkers if I had an EE that didn't lay until it was 36-40 weeks (just my luck!)...


big thumbs up Terri! I'm curious about the pink egg being from your production red. Maybe my production red is laying the pinkish eggs I've been finding!~ d in summerfield nc
I was always under the impression that they layed a darker brown.. The rest of the reds i have do.. But, the speckled sussex they are mixed with lays a more creamy white to light brown which would show as pink.. At least that's what I would think.. And although the br's are supposed to lay a lighter brown than the reds, you can see the one on the bottom left is almost as dark and that's from one of the br's.. The speckled one was a very small pullet egg too so i believe that was one of my br's too.. One of my reds gives me white speckles and the other gives me the purple speckles but they are lighter than the one I got today and the eggs are normally bigger... I dunno.. i need to catch them in the act to be sure.. But, they lay anywhere between 5:30am and 3pm.. I need to set a camera up out there.. lol

Beautiful! I feel the same way about--It being Easter everyday.. I really liked my chickens until they all started laying and now I LOVE them... Not only do they taste great, they are also beautiful---even all the browns are different colors/shades/shapes and sizes!!! Then the greens and blues and some with speckles...Who know it could be so satisfying?

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