5 Hatchery Delaware hatching eggs

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    I have 5 Hatchery Delaware hatching eggs for sale. They were laid Saturday. I would like these to go out monday.
    paypal is [email protected]

    My eggs are very fertile and I have had an excellent hatch rate from these birds.
    I keep 1 roo to 5 hens.
    Some time I just have pairs or trios.
    But due to the nature and handling of shipped eggs unfortunately
    I can not guarantee your hatch rate.
    I DO guarantee all eggs to be fresh and arrive in good condition. If more then two eggs come in broken I will replace them for the Shipping cost.
    I ship priority mail with a confirmation number
    I pack my eggs by wrapping each eggs in serval layers of bubble wrap. I put two long sheets of bubble wrap in the midle of the box put the eggs in and wrap them up over the top.
    I use a lot of bubble wrap and shedded paper.



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