5+Just 1 more =...10 Meet my new 5. 0 to 10 chicks in 5 days.


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Mar 1, 2011
I went to my local feed store yesterday. I pleaded for help to stay away. You are all horrible enablers. I went back to the store today. All the ones I wanted were still there!

Grifs gets chicks from Ideal in a mixed bantam order. I got 3 babies and my mom got 2.

Mom's 2 Polish I think one is the Red experiment Ideal was working on and one is white crested blue or splash.

My 3 chicks. All bantams but I need help identifying them.

A silver sebright, I'm almost positive.

I think this is a cochin. She has feathered legs and an adorable face.

An American Game bantam? Old English bantam? She's so tiny but so LOUD.

Any help will be appreciated.
I was looking at Welsummer chicks and they look very orange compared to mine. Do you think that could just be a normal color variation? The Old English and American Game seemed much more brown and similar to mine. The only other thing is she is VERY small.

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