5+ mille fleur bantam cochin eggs -- SOLD!

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Mar 31, 2008
Lebanon, TN
I have 5+ eggs from my mf bantam cochin project to ship out tomorrow. They have been gathered since Friday. If I get more tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll throw them in.

As usual, no guarantees on development of shipped eggs. I've only shipped out one batch of these particular eggs before that have had time to hatch, and 50% of those hatched.

Parents can be seen here:


$18 includes shipping. Paypal preferred -- amazondoc @ mindspring . com .

ETA -- remember, these are PROJECT birds. While mine are reproducing fairly consistently, they will NOT produce 100% identical offspring. In particular, these parents tend to produce around 20% of chicks that I believe show the charcoal trait -- with excess charcoal gray in their mottling. Still quite attractive, but not perfect "mille fleur".

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