5 Mille Fleur/Black mottled bantam cochin chicks

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  1. They all hatched throughout September. There are 2 black mottled split to mille fleur--both cockerels. The cockerels have yellow on bottoms of their feet and rest of leg has green color. The other 3 are pullets, 100% mille fleur color, with all yellow legs/feet. The 2 smaller pullets have a lemon base color which is bit lighter than buff. The sire to all the chicks is Tanker (see My BYC Page). The dam to the black mott cockerels is Emma and dams to pullets are Mardi, Trill and Teak. $50 Shipping is a separate price from auction and they'll come in a new box. I put melon with them to help with liquid. Buyer--we'll need to coordinate & be careful with temps for their safe shipping. I'd prefer a buyer who is in a neighboring state (for chicks safety) but our temps have been really mild and I realize people across the country maybe interested in this color of cochin.
    Payment by paypal only to [email protected] w/n 12 hrs of auction end.


    You can see more pics at http://s651.photobucket.com/albums/uu231/prairielover

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    I just promised my husband no more chickens this winter!!![​IMG]
    Please say you'll be offering eggs in the spring???
  3. Hello Serendipity--i'd can't promise on eggs later. I plan some very specific matings in the spring with 2 black mottled roosters. Honestly, shipped eggs are so iffy (unless the distance is short). I can't remember the # of times I bought shipped eggs to have nothing developing. At least with started birds a person will have birds on the ground.
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    I sent you a PM, but havent gotten an answer yet. Would you feel comfortable shipping to washington state? We are having temps in the upper 50's. Please let me know so that I can bid! Thanks!

  5. I'd be willing to place a heat pack in with them. What is used that can last 48 hrs? I only know of the hot hands packs that maybe last 6-8 hrs.
    I am comfortable shipping them to the west coast but nothing further east than MO, IA, TX.
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    We use 72 hour heat packs...many of our chicks come with them as well when they come in the mail...I can send you some.Express mail though is a matter of hours for them to be in the mail

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