5 month old chickens sick

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Hello all brothers and sisters! I am from Pakistan, i have limited stock of chickens, i used to keep 4 chickens of 5 month old together in a cage, here tepmrature is very cold now adays so when one day i opened the cage all were looking lazy and one was in bad health so i seperated him. They werent sneezing and not showing any specific sign of some disease, but after one more day one more chick had paralysis on one wing and it was dropped down and i had to get rid of him so i gave him to some guy so e could make soup frm him. Now remaining 3. i kept them warm gave them soft food and clean water , now two are looking good but one is still lazy eats less and very weak poops are off white,, plz tell me some medicine to give so he could recover,, thanx iin advance....
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