5 month old Cockerel with very Large lump near jaw / upper neck


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I don't have a scale to weigh him. But as a NICU nurse I'm fairly good at weights. I'm guessing he's around 1 kg which is roughly 2.2 lbs.

My ampicillin is s 500mg vial. You reconstitute with 4.8 ml of sterile water with gives a the mix of 500mg in 5 ml. It's the only vial I have. So I was thinking a initial dose of 250 mg or 2.5ml. And then 1 125mg dose tomorrow and Sunday. The fish Amoxicillin I ordered should be here on Monday so I can do oral dosing after that.

Of course that is of he is still here by then...
Sounds like you got the math down!


Apr 15, 2017
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Okay, sadly after cutting away the feathers out of the way, it's safe to say that this lump is now WAY BEYOND help. It's so macerated and necrotic. And the size has grown from slightly smaller than a golf ball to nearly as big as my hand in less than 3 days. And it STINKS!

I think at this point the only humane thing to do is cull him. He's been such a trooper, even now he's just calming sittingon the OR table taking it all in. Of course he's wrapped up, but he's not making any fuss of it at all.



Having a good last meal
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