5 Month old female turkey with attitude towards her Tom mate


May 23, 2015
I've been raising chickens for past several yrs together with dogs, cats, goats etc and have not had trouble. Everybody gets along and the chickens rule....believe me. This past spring I lost several hens and a couple of roosters tp coyotes, raccoons, owls and hawks. Ive managed to take care of predators such as raccoons/coyotes but occasionally an owl or hawk would get in and get a hen or two. In April I let someone talk me into acquiring 2 turkey chicks/poults to raise as guards against flying predators.

My problem is the female has started beating up her Tom mate. He's always been very docile and so has she until yesterday. She kept backing him into a corner and pecking and holding on to his head, neck, snood and would not let go. At first he would peck her back but then just gave up and started turkey whimpers. I quarantined her for most of the day, let her out just before dusk and she was fine as if nothing was out of order. She has never showed aggression to me, my husband or my adult sons. In fact she flirts outragiously with the men in my family. Tommy lets me hold him rub his head and follows me around. She will not let me hold her but walks away gorping in turkey tak.

This morning all was back to normal until I found her running around with a baby chick in her mouth. I have many chickens and several have hatched chicks. I also found one dead so now she's back in her quarantined run. What now??? And will she get over this attitude or must I re-home her???? HELP.....No one around here gets put on the kitchen table so I 'm hoping I can rehabilitate her.


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Jul 16, 2015
I have always kept my turkeys and chickens separately for this very reason. Turkey hens are moody and will harass chickens. I would definitely separate them from the chickens, her behavior can be normal, especially during their first year of life. I always call my younger ones thugs. They have lots of energy because they aren't sexually mature yet and don't mind being a pain and making troubles.

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