5 month old polish leg injury?


6 Years
Jun 30, 2013
Jersey Shore
My polish pullet has stopped using her left leg. She can stand on it but when she goes to walk it appears the leg has no strength. I can manipulate it with no distress from her and there are no visible signs that an injury occurred. She roosts on a perch occasionally and appears to grasp the perch with the toes on the injured leg. It seemed to happen over night. She has been eating and drinking but she just lies around and the other chickens are starting to pick on her. What could be wrong? Am I going to have to put her down?! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
They can injure their legs by jumping down from a high roost or from accidents, sometimes spraining them and other times breaking them. She also may have Mareks disease or a vitamin deficiency. You could start her on a multiple vitamin such as PolyVisol baby vitamins 2 drops a day by mouth or chick vitamins in the water from the feed store. Here is some info on Mareks, just google it for more: http://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource000791_Rep813.pdf

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