5 month old pullet sneezing and wheezing-No other symptoms


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May 30, 2013
I noticed one of my girls apparently sneezing this morning. Otherwise, she appeared to be acting normally. This evening she sounds wheezy unless she is being still. I have quarantined her. There is no signs of any drainage from her eyes or nostrils. I have a total of 11 birds that are in a fairly large coop. None of the other birds seem to be having any trouble. Any advice or tips? I am os upset to have a sick girl I'm afraid that I will have to get rid of her even if she gets better.
It might be a respiratory disease. Tylan 50 is a good antibiotic to give either by a shot to the breast or by mouth. Dose is 10 mg per kg (2.2 lb) or you can try 1/2 to 1ml daily. Mycoplasma, infectious bronchitis, and coryza are some of the common ones. Here is a link to diseases: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
Is it possible for them to react to a weather change? It's been much cooler at night for the last couple of days. Also some type of fall allergen is high. Both of my daughters and I have been congested for a few days, especially after waking up from sleeping with the windows open. I moved her to a small prefab coop that has less ventilation. She seems to be perfectly fine this morning. Strange.

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