5 month old roo's still no crowing


9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
Oakland county ,MI
I have 2 BR roo's hatched the first week of june and neither one has even tried to crow...They both have a ton of saddle feathers,very large comps and waddles and HUGE leggs and feet...for sure roo's what's up with them
My Ameraucana roo just tried crowing today, he's between 4 and 5 months. he sounds pretty pathetic too, lol! My Ancona roo started pretty early, maybe at 3 months; it might depend on breed and individual. Once they start you might wish they had waited longer...
My BR is about 7-8 months old now and even though I am not a roo fan, to say the least, he is beautiful. He is also only still around because he has not yet CROWED! I thought the neighbors' roo down the road was going to 'teach' him, but so far I've been lucky. Or he has...when he starts crowing, it's off to freezer camp for him!
Lucky you...once one of mine start they all join in. Our current batch of BA, and EE boys are 16 weeks and all started yesterday. I am hoping to get them to 18 weeks before freezer camp so hoping the novelty will wear off or they`ll need to go early to save relations with the neighbours.
LOL....it is a good think my BR roo does not live at your house!! He was born around the first of May.....he has been crowing for two months. Now he is in a pen by himself that is right out my bedroom window...great run, bad location....but we want to keep him and that is where we had room. Worse, his crow is really pitiful! And it starts now around 630.....

I have another rooster a little further away who also crows. He crows a little later in the morning but then he crows when the girls are laying....like an announcement...or maybe he is bragging!

Third rooster is a Cochin. He has yet to crow and is the same age as the rest. So, there are slower starters.

But the crow.....in the mornings, even when it wakes me up.....I love it.

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