5 month old "special" hen with curved beak-need advice!

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    Oct 2, 2013
    We have a little hen that has a curved beak, the pic is of her at about 4 month's of age. We noticed that she was not keeping up with the other hens in growing...we picked her up and noticed she was very thin. We cut her beak once but it bled for a bit, after that she ate better for a while. Now she is 5 month's old and it has grown even more curved (don't have pic). We have tried to file down with a course emery board, but it did not do much. She is a favorite with my kids and funny pics of her have made people laugh...we have to find a way to help her. We have been feeding her any way she will eat. Lately she runs to a small pet carrier we keep outside with pellet food and a towel, she scoops the food onto a towel & then can pick it up (but the towel has to be fluffy or she can't get under the food to scoop). She is unable to get "wet food" in her mouth...it gets stuck in the top curved part, she then scratches it out with her foot. It also looks a bit like her bottom beak is off to the side & does not align properly.

    Should we try to trim her beak again or take her somewhere?
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    I suggest you take her to a vet or something as soon as possible I had a chick once who had a similar problem except that her beak wasn't curved it was called severe cross bill and she did not live long and until you can take her to the vet or something just keep on clipping her beak and if it starts to curve again just clip the tip and take a small hair tie or rubber band and put it around the part of her beak right befor the nostriles to help keep it alined and not do it to tight or she may try to get it off if it is just loose enough to were it doesn't bother her to much but try and get her to a vet. I hope this helps
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    You have a special need bird there, her bottom bill never grew out or was damaged. So the top is growing to compensate and just curls down. I would either continue small trims until I hit the blood line and then you know where that spot is stop.

    Not much other you can do and be reasonable.
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    Jul 24, 2013
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I agree.
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    If you have an Avian vet you can take her to, that is a good idea. There is a long thread on chickens with cross beaks and other beak problems and how their owners have treated and taken care of them.
    One thing they suggest is that their feed is fairly deep so they can scoop more than peck, since most of the time they can't really pick up things. With trimming or keeping beaks in shape, you can use dog clipper, nail files, dremels etc, just do a little at a time and keep after it, you may have to do it every couple of days to start with until you get them down to a reasonable size.
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    Oct 2, 2013
    Thanks so much everyone! She is such a "keeper".... Just remembered we have a "raptor rehab" center in town....who nurse raptors back to health. I will try contacting them tomorow...wish me luck!

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