5 new ones soon... any advice?


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
We're getting 5 new bantam chicks this weekend from our local feed store! The only problem is... there's five. And I will probably be the only one giving them attention. My question: How do I make them all sweet and snuggly? My last chicken, Audrey, was SUCH a sweetheart<3 We found out SHE was a HE, and our newly christened Alphonse was given to a friend. I want five more little Audrey's! Tips anyone?
I'll post pictures as soon as I can!
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Welcome to BYC! Hopefully you'll get some great answers to this question. I'm going thru the same thing only I have 12! After the first day they were all terrified of me (King Cong!). About 3 times a day I pick up each one and hold it gently till it stops peeping and struggling and then let it go. They are 10 days old now and I'm finally seeing some progress. I do have to move very slowly. Hope this helps or you get some better advice!
I too have 12 new ones! I do about the same and hold them until they quiet then put them back. I also just keep my hand in the pen for a few minutes until they start going about their business again. So now when I reach in to get their water and food and scoop poop, they don't freak out quite so much! They are in the mud room and it's hot in there, so I don't stay too long, but boy do I love it
I handled my chicks everyday the day after they arrived home. I would bring them upstairs, put a towel on my lap and sit with them. I now have 8 very friendly lap chickens. Even the skittish ones were tamed to real snuggle chickies. They love to be in my arms and hugged, they will stand as close to me as possible(under my feet) when cleaning the coop. If I bend over, they jump on my back. If I sit in my chair inside the coop, they all jump up for a nice nap.
. The chickens are even friendlier once they reach laying age.

Good luck! They are so much fun! I raised 7 standard and 1 bantam. I wish I had a few more chicks though, but hubby disagrees with that. Give lots of treats too and feed out of your hand. I started out with dried oats, wet chicken starter feed and hard boiled eggs for treats.

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