5 Pekin eggs under my silkie as of tonight

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by HeatherLynn, Apr 3, 2011.

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    I am not sure what i am getting myself in for. I really want babies from this pair but due to some family issues I honestly cannot plug in the incubator this year. I never know when I will have to leave for a few days for a funeral and I have no one who can take care of these if that happens. Soo I am turning to my broody silkie and hoping for the best. She has 5 of my 13 eggs I have been collecting. I am honestly considering slipping the others back into my girls nest and hoping she does something on her own. I'm also checking in my area if anyone else wants to attempt to hatch some. If I try to hatch them all my mom can take care of things once they are hatched if they have a mom but she would not cope well if she had to do the whole brooder box thing. A bit nervous at the outcome. Hoping I can stay put long enough to get everyone to a safe age.

    Also will it harm anything if my Pekin drake mates with my Roun female? He mate was killed and I have not found a replacement. Pretty sure he is taking full advantage of this situation. She is not laying yet but probably soon.
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    My silkies hatch my pekins eggs. My pekin has NO interest in sitting on them, only making more. [​IMG]

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