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5 Roosters? Bullying at integration? Any rooster experts out there?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by JuicyFatHead, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. JuicyFatHead

    JuicyFatHead Chirping

    Apr 3, 2011
    So, because of the hatchery schedule, half of my new chicks are a few weeks older than the second half. They are all outside now. I brought the 5wk olds out and the 7 wks olds are bullying BADLY! And the younger ones are barred rocks and EE's. They just let it happen. They don't defend themselves.

    So, I have them separated. I had planned on having them all together. Will it ever happen? Maybe when the younger ones are of equal size (they are close). My adult flock is separate right now and will be until the young ones are all adult size.

    Another issue with this is.. I was sent a mistake rooster by McMurray. with the 7 wks olds. He is very friendly, but, I already have 4 roos. and a ratio of 12:1. He messes that up big time. What are my non-lethal options as far as containment (I'll try giving 1-2 away)? I think mistake rooster considers the first group of hens (25) his girls. But, my second group is 14 hens with 3 roos (that were supposed to be spread out amongst the older hens in due time). Once adult.. will the roosters eventually 'claim' hens? I mean, that mistake roo can't possibly claim all 25.. or can he?

    Oh my gosh. What have I gotten myself into? Any words of wisdom out there?

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