5 St. EE's and 2 Blue Polish- $15 includes shipping! 1 Day Only!


Crested Crazy
11 Years
Oct 14, 2008
Thomson, GA
I have 5 green EE eggs and 2 Blue/splash Polish eggs. I am only trying this auction for one day since there doesn't seem to be a lot of buyers lately. After that they will be on Ebay or in my incubator so if you want them, don't hesitate. .

I just hatched out 5 EE's from these eggs. I got 2 blacks, 1 blue, and 2 yellow chicks. I also have hatched out 5 from this Polish pair. I got 2 blue and 3 splash.
EE roos

EE and Polish chicks just hatched

Polish roo


My eggs are carefully wrapped in bubblewrap packages and the boxes tightly stuffed with newspaper or other packaging material. I take very good care of my birds and these eggs are definately fresh and fertile when I send them, however, I am not responsible for postal mishandling or poor hatches due to improper incubation or just plain bad luck. Please understand the risk before you buy.
Yeah, I know what you mean but there is only the one splash hen and she lays very irregularly.

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