5 Swedish Blue Duck Eggs

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    Dec 28, 2010
    Up for auction are 5 purebred swedish blue duck eggs. My ducks are a solid dark slate with clean bibs with a couple of white feathers along the edge of their wings as per American standards. Given the genetics of the blue coloring, you may hatch blues, blacks, or splash. I'm only running blues in my breeding pens so the split should be roughly 50% blue, 25% black, 25% splash.

    These birds are very weather hardy, have calm temperaments, and lay large eggs daily when the weather is decent. Free ranging, mine will forage a good 1/2 of their own food, spring through fall. Swedish Blues are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's Watch List.

    Current Breeding Drake

    One of the current breeding ducks as a hatchling

    Summer Free Ranging Swedish Blues and Cayugas

    I forgot to say I've been selling on eBay for several years (as SparkyCrows & streamhopper2seahorses). Feel free to check out my feedback!
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