5 Toed Barred Rock baby -Pics added


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Mar 13, 2010
Lancaster PA
I noticed the other day that one of my girls has 5 toes!! Obviously she's a bit of a mutt. I got them from TSC. She is as big as the other BR I got, but just has an extra toe. GUess I'll call her Five!
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sure she is a BR? there are only a few that have 5, Dorking, Faverolle, Houden, Sultan and Silkie bantam....post pics as she grows so we can see her!
WOW JodyJo, your good! BTW I have barred rocks and couldn't tell you how many toes they have, until now!
Let's see the pics LeezyBeezy !
I'll post some pics. I was just assuming she was a genetic freak- like from inbreeding rom the hatcheries. She is black with barred feathers. I will go look at the breeds you mentioned! Right now, she and the other girls (now 7 weeks old) are loose in the barn, having a blast scratching in the (empty) horse stalls.
- Lee
Nope, none of those. This is her as a chick- not very detailed- but you can see blacks/yellow legs, mostly yellow beak (her's has more black than the other one).
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It's common for those TSC hatchery birds and others to have more than several different breeds mixed in their breeding, That's why they call them hatchery mutt's.
Yeah, that's what I figured. It was just kind of funny when I finally noticed it, like- woah!! that's too many toes!! I'm not a breeder, so it's OK with me, as long as she gives me eggs! She's very smart, one of the friendliest of the group, and will look at me right in the eye. I think she may give the older, lead hen a run for her money someday.

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