5+ Tolbunt/Candy Cane Tolbunt hatching eggs


Unbreakable Heart
10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
alvarado, Tx
I have a pen of Tolbunts with one frizzle Tolbubt hen, but during the winter I have also housed a Candy Cane Polish roo with them also. So they could be pure or Tolbunt/Candy Cane cross.
I have eggs hatching now, fertility is very good.

Shipping is Priority Mail and is $12.50, the eggs will be shipped in egg foam.

Paypal only, and I only ship Mon, Tues, Fri. PP is [email protected]

I mark all my boxes with "Live Embryo's" and "Fragile" according to my Post Office with excellent results.

I cannot guarantee hatch rates there are too many variables as we all know shipped hatching eggs are a risk. But I do guarantee fresh eggs and great packing.

I am Pullorum-Typhoid certified for Texas and I have a Texas Wildlife License.

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