5 week old chick fell through the roost about 8 feet...????

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    This is a post which follows the 1st one in coop design. I have no covering, due to total inexperience, on the roof of the inside of my coop. Didn't think they would try to get up where they did tonight.

    This was a panic moment for me. The 4 (of 7) of them, with the rest waiting their turn, got up on the plate, where the roof part meets the base. The roof nails where sticking through, and I couldn't reach them with out a ladder. I ran to the house, got nails, cardboad, and a ladder. When I got back in to make a quick fix until tomorrow, the one chick, decides to go for a very small area, and can't hold on, and just plummets throught the 2 levels of roosts they sit on, to the ground. I watched her after that happened for a bit, she seemed so shaken up, but no visible injury.

    What should I be looking for? They all ended up where they have been sleeping.

    A couple of questions?

    Do I need ladders to go to different levels? Can they fly up there? Get down with no injury? I gues I need help and advice. I can provide ladders for them, just didn't realize they needed them.

    HELP! Please be as direct here as possible as I freaked out.

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