5 Week Old Chick Not Growing?

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    I just got four - 4 week old chicks last week. 2 - Cream Crested Legbars, 1 - Olive Egger and 1 Welbar. When I got the chicks home I did notice one chick (one of the CCL's) was smaller but thought maybe it was just younger. Now 1 week has gone by and it really doesn't seem like this chick is growing. It seems a little puffed up and keeps it head "snuggled down" so I decided last night to isolate it and gave it some Corid in it's water (1.5 tsp/gal mix) and also put some of that water in it's chick feed. I'm not feeding medicated starter feed. I also gave it some nutri drench vitamin water mix in a dropper. There is no sign of blood in the poop, although I did see it poop on a paper towel and it was pretty wet and maybe slightly sticky. It seems to be eating fine and enjoys the food with the Corid water in it. Any suggestions what I should do?

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    Some chicks grow at different rates, but I agree with your giving her Corid. You will want to hold off on the Nutri-Drench until you finish the Corid though.

    Coccidiosis does not always show up as blood in the stool - some common symptoms are having a fluffed up/huddled appearance, loose stool with mucous or blood, lethargy/not active and not eating well. I would continue with a full 7day treatment of Corid and see if there is any improvement.

    I hope your chick gets better.

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