5 week old Chick Shaking

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    I hatched out 6 Marans chicks 5 weeks ago. One of the apparent rooster chicks is quivering. He puts up his rooster tail like a peacock and quivers when he does this. His legs also quiver when he walks. He has extra large feet too and kind of takes high, careful steps as his legs slightly quiver the whole time. He appears healthy otherwise. I noticed this about a week ago and the quivering continues. None of the other 5 have any symptoms. I have read about Mareks, not sure what to think, as he is definitely not paralyzed. Any ideas?
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    Nambroth is very knowledgeable about Mareks. She may be able to help you with those symptoms. I hope it isn't Mareks. I would star some poultry vitamins in the water for now just in case of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Make sure that he is warm enough.
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