5 week old chickie may have broken leg/wing-Suggestions Please!!

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    Aug 31, 2008
    We were keeping the chickies outside with the adult chickens during the day to slowly acclimate them to each other. We had no problems for about 2 weeks and came home yesterday evening to find one of the chickies stuck in a small hole between fence and gate. Apparently the adult chickens had attacked her and began to again as soon as she was free from the crevice. We brought her inside but she is unable to stand so we think at least one leg may be broken and perhaps a wing. Most of her tail feathers have been plucked out. She will not drink on her own but we are able to give her water with a small syringe. Is it possible for her to recover from this? If so how? We are wondering if it would be best to just put her to sleep? Please respond with any suggestions ASAP. We would like to make a decision before the children come home from school today.
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    How is it holding the wing, limp? Chicks can be very resilient and many have had luck setting broken legs. Hopefully someone more experienced will see this.
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    Mar 30, 2009
    Jon Katz writes articles/blogs on his attempts at farming in upstate New York. He's got a rooster, Winston, that had a leg damaged in a hawk attack. He still manages to do his business, even with a bit of a limp (in fact, the limp and his bullish attitude is what got him named after Winston Churchill).

    I'd wait and see with the chick. It's probably still in shock. Can you keep it in the house in a box where you can look after it and it will be safe? It might go back on water and food tomorrow when it's had time to calm down. It'd be easier to figure out how badly its injured then too. It might not be moving around due to shock, or it may just be sore and that will wear off. I'd give it at least 24 hours, maybe 48, to see if it will start taking food and water again. If it'll eat and drink, I should think it will be salvageable. If it won't eat or drink unless being forced, then it's in too much pain.

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