5 week old chicks just moved to coop, we are new at this!


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May 29, 2020
It's our 7 chicks second night in the coop and they were peeping very loudly after putting them away the first night, same thing tonight. We sat outside for a little bit and they quieted down. This morning they seemed happy and were very quiet. I'm assuming the peeping/crying is normal? We aren't doing the lock in the coop thing because the daytime temps are too hot inside their coop. We let them free range in the yard most of the day and put them in their run when the cat is out, the cat looks like he's hunting them and we don't trust him yet!
My other question is, how can I help them understand how to use their ramp up to their coop? (Their run is under the coop) They can't seem to figure it out and are throwing a fit when we pick them up from the run to put them in the coop.


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May 29, 2020
The chicks are almost 6 weeks old and we had them in a brooder in the garage with a heat lamp. The coop is plenty warm at night, so that’s not the issue, maybe the light? I heard they can be afraid of the dark 😂


Apr 23, 2020
I would put a tiny it of corn in the coop every time I put them in there. That usually motivates them to run up that ladder. The peeping and chatter before they go to bed is normal for mine- they seem to have to talk about it to each other before they decide who is going to sleep beside them.


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Apr 19, 2020
Sierra Vista, AZ
I had the same problem till mine were about 7-8 weeks old... after trying everything (food and water inside the coop, leaving the light on inside the coop for them, putting treats inside the coop right before sun down, rebuilding my ramp at a shallower angle, locking them in the coop for 48 hrs, and a few other ideas) I started setting an alarm on my phone for 10-15 minutes before sunset and going out and picking them up and putting them in the coop... after about a week of doing this they started putting themselves up at the same time every night... just be consistent... that's the best thing you can do 😅 hope it helps


Apr 27, 2020
Rhode Island
They will learn how to use the ramp. If you would like to try to help them learn faster you could put treats up the steps. We can't free range in my area due to Hawks but they have a pretty large area to run around I just let them go in when they are ready and then I'll shut the coop. Every night they are in before dark. We have one buff orpington that is adventurous then the rest and stays out a little later but one of the other chicks always runs out and make her go in lol. I know that when they first go into the coop every night they are a little rowdy trying to get the best roost in the house 🙂.


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Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
LOL I just went out to lock my chicks in the coop and you have a lot of good suggestions. Another suggestion, I have a Dutch Door in the coop dividing the storage area from the coop. I often give them treats while leaning over that door so they're used to coming to me when I call them there. It did help when they were first in the coop at bed time.

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