5-week old chicks not eating treats. Is this normal?


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For some reason I just can't get my chickens to eat any treats other then mealworms. I've tried yogurt, hard boiled eggs, dandelions, lettuce, pears, grapes, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob, cooked plain spaghetti, and herbs (cilantro and parsley). They absolutely refuse to touch anything I put in there and are content with their grower feed and a handful of mealworms every now and then. I thought when they got older they would be more willing, but now that they are almost 6-weeks I find it sort of odd. I have been giving them grit since 3-weeks which is when I first tried introducing treats. They are eating the grit just fine. Is there anything I can do to get them excited about treats or are they still a bit too young? Even when I let them outside they just kind of wander about. They don't go after insects, eat grass, or scratch in the dirt. I find them to be very odd chickens!
Give them time, chicks are often scared of new things and don't know what to do with it. Don't give them parsley, I heard it's poison for chickens. Rather give them spinach, mine love it.
I forgot about spinach, but they wouldn't eat that either. Do you have a link about the parsley? I can't find anything definitive, but have found lots of threads about people feeding parsley without problems. I just had not heard that one so I am curious.
Mine will only eat their chick food. Ditto Sumi, I figure they'll become more adventurous with time so I've given up for now. For reference mine are about 5/6 weeks old.
Mine are pigs stright up they eat anything i put in there coop and yesterday during free out time in garden area they all 4 where fighing me for my starbucks carmel fap I finaly gave in and gave them some of the wipe cream then they wanted the coffee part but i put my foot down on that one did not need wireed chicks mine are 2 months oldish but been pigs from day one. My Cherrio Rose eats it first and then once she tryes it then the other 3 dive in.
In a way, you are kind of lucky that your chickens want to stick with starter feed! I gave my chicks treats a little too early (and they will eat EVERYTHING!) so whenever I go out to their coop, they rush to the window for treats. Definitely too spoiled!

Regardless, here are a few treats that my chickens do go crazy over:

Local Organic Plain Yogurt with Starter Feed mixed in (it creates a paste, which they seem to love)
Hardboiled Eggs, crumbled and hand feed
Chopped grapes
Chopped grass and dandelion greens
Tomato Pieces

Your chicks sound just fine, though. Maybe you need to socialize them a little more to get them use to new environments. Just an idea!

have a great day! shelby g
For some reason since I've taken them outside more they have started eating everything under the sun. Their favorite right now is dandelion leaves and rose petals from our wild rose bush. They still don't like corn on the cob though.
I find that new chicks have to have something more than once to decide if they like it. Mine wouldn't touch eggs, yogurt, spaghetti, or grapes that first time until a brave little soul tried it. The second time, you need to watch your fingers, especially any kind of cooked eggs.
I actually have an older chick (4 weeks) in with the 3 week olds. She's very bold and inquisitive. Anytime I lower my hand in the brooder she runs over to investigate and peck at my fingers

- The little ones actually learn from her. She has taught them the joys of eating cottage cheese, apple and muskmelon! - But, yes, they do love the mealworms!
They all have individual tastes from what I have been reading. Mine will not eat a dried meal worm. Might give live ones a try though. They do like raw oats,grapes and starter crumbles mixed with water. I gave them some raisins yesterday and again today. They run each other over to get them. Won't be feeding them any out of my hand! Might be missing something afterwards.

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