5-Week Old Cockerels in VA (Wellies & Pea-combed EEs)


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Western Virginia
5-Week Old Cockerels in VA

I have at least four cockerels that I would like to find homes for. They are currently 5 weeks old. I am willing to drive up to three hours to meet someone, and I live in Augusta county near the 24401 area code in Virginia. Please do not hit "Buy It Now"; just PM me if you would like one of the birds. All were hatched from Gabbard Farm eggs on April 23rd.

First, there are two very handsome EE cockerels, both with pea combs.

Blue EE Cockerel:
A few days old and 2 weeks old

3 weeks

5 weeks

Multi-color EE Cockerel:
Four days old

5 weeks - Just beautiful!

Then, I also have two Welsummer cockerels who need homes. They are very friendly! Let me know if you need more pictures of these guys. They look almost identical so I can't figure out who is who in my pictures.
As chicks

5 weeks old

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