5 week old eaten


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Jun 9, 2017
I am brand new to the site and raising ducks. I apologize if this has been asked a million times. I haven't got an answer yet.

My 5 week old gold star got eaten by something (hawk?). Unfortunately that left his soulmate alone and now she's freaking out. I tried putting her in with some similar age chickens. They tried to peck the crap out of her for about a minute. Now she just walks around by herself. I have zero access to any ducks her age immediately. I ordered a couple new ducklings hoping she will bond with them. Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm sorry for the long post. It's just making me depressed.
be careful with the chickens, some new introductions take awhile, especially with a duck. I say maybe try hanging out with her a bit or try to find a friend. If you have ordered ducklings you may just have to wait.
It would be good to post on the duck threads and ask what your next step should be. What age replacement(s) and gender? She may not accept a new drake,etc.

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