5 week old new rooster and 12 week old hens


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May 28, 2020
Hi everyone,

I am new to keeping chickens and would love to know what your opinions/ experience has been with introducing a new rooster to your existing flock. I have 6 nearly 12 week old Australorp hens. I've been wanting to get a rooster and the one I was supposed to get disappeared from the flock. I had built a separate pen for his quarantine and had an idea of how I was going to introduce him to the ladies. Now I have the opportunity to get a 5 week old Gold Laced Brahma rooster but I am concerned about his young age. How do I prepare this little guy and how is it best to introduce them? Thank you!



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Apr 9, 2013
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Hi there. I would suggest you get a pullet with the little guy so he's not totally alone. He will likely be ostracized from the older birds at first and it's easier on them if they have a friend. After quarantine I would begin letting them out with the others supervised at first until you think they'll be ok.

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