5 Week old pictures of the Beagle pups- and Weaning Woes!

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    Well the puppies are 5 weeks old now. Gracie and Sophie had a lot of worms when dewormed but the rest had hardly any. They will be wormed every two weeks (my wormer doesn't say to do it three days in a row, just to do it every other week till 12 weeks) Annie has finally given up the gross habit of eating the poop, and the puppies do well at using the puppy pads Thank god for the holder though as they like to tear the loose ones around the room playing tug of war. They have been moved to bigger quarters during the night, and get to spend the nice days out in the yard. Today it is just to stinking hot and so they are in the kitchen for a change of scenery and more room to run and play. We bring them into the living room one or two at a time so they are watched and not able to get use to peeing on the carpet.

    They are doing great, except for weaning. They still nurse from Annie whenever she will allow it (sometimes 4-6 times a day, but for short periods, she is sleeping with them again at night, her choice not ours) I put the food down for them 5 times a day. They will lap a bit, Rosie and Brawny eat the most, but they come no where near to cleaning it up, I put bits into their mouths and they spit it out, I repeat four or five times before they eat the smallest bit of canned food or soaked kibble. At night I leave dry kibble and water down for them and Annie, again they act like its not there, though they will drink water, and if I pour water into dry kibble they will lick the water up. So far they eat the best with water/kibble/ a bit of chicken broth and a bit of goats milk all mixed together but still don't eat anywhere near what I would expect 5 week old pups to eat. At what point shall I keep Annie from nursing? She will go 5-7 hours at times without nursing them. I try to feed when its towards the end of those hours, they will be chasing her around trying to nurse and she will just keep walking. So I will put the food down and put her in another room or outside (or she will eat the food) and sit with them at the food, but nope, they will climb all over me and lick it a bit, but that is it. Any advice here is appreciated!

    Also we have had four of our five new owners back out. For good reasons, two lost their jobs, and one had a car accident and is no longer capable of caring for the puppy/dog. The last one simply decided now was not a good time for a puppy. (guess i am glad these things happened now and not after they had the pups) Worried about advertising in the local papers, but going to do some thorough screening of owners and of course will sign a contract saying if for any reason they can't keep them they are to be returned to us.
    Sophie is the only one spoken for at this time. She (in my opinion) is also the sweetest and the most beautiful, the one I would keep if I could.

    Anyway, here is the pictures, they are so cute and sweet! I spend hours just sitting with them, playing and loving on them, wish I could keep them all!

    Annie with pups first day outside! 4weeks in these pics

    4week old Sophie-pup3 (first day outside)

    4week old Gracie -pup2(first day outside) she is quickly becoming my second favorite!

    My niece and nephew came to stay for a few days, he was in love with the pups and they with him (pics from last wednesday so four weeks 5 days)

    Julian says " look at the hole I dug, he keeps going in there"
    He's Helping I said, he thought that was hilarious! So good with the puppies, and the puppies where so good with him!

    5weeks old, taken today in the kitchen after they wore themselves out.

    And one of Annie and the pups right before bed last night. Ophelia had been climbing on her but by the time I got the camera she was off

    Will try to get individual pics of each puppy sometime this week!
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    So cute! [​IMG]
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    Mar 1, 2011
    I absolutely adore beagles!
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    Mar 29, 2011
    Aww! [​IMG] They are so cute! And they are getting so big!
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I think most breeders start out replacing just one "nursing" a day with solid food. Just to get them used to the idea.
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    [​IMG] Lovely pups!
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    Apr 7, 2011
    sooo cute
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    Grifton NC
    They are doing great, except for weaning. They still nurse from Annie whenever she will allow it

    They are right on schedule.

    Don't try to rush them​
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    Annie will let them know when it is time to stop nursing. She will get a little growly with them. Lily used to jump up to the dining room chair where the pups couldn't get her. She started doing that around 6 weeks but then would occasionally nurse - it just decreased more and more every day. If mom cut them off all at once it would be hard on the puppies and painful for her.

    Do you have a coffee grinder at all? Or some kind of sturdy food chopper? I used to chop up the kibble for the puppies a little bit in a grinder and then add liquid to it.

    Those pups are so cute and I [​IMG] Gracie's sweet face. If I didn't have more than my share of dogs already, I'd be right down to get one!
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    So cute! [​IMG] Make sure you get them off to a good start with a high-quality grain free food. That is so important. And of course raw would be best, but is not always practical. [​IMG]

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