5 Week old, Pooping herself out


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May 5, 2012
I recently got a shipment of rare chicks. a few of them hatched una able to walk but this one was perfectly fine until last week. (WARNING this next part is graphic) She has literally pooped out some of her "inerds." I donot know if she has pooped out her intestance orher poop "canal" is inside out. It is most definatly not bloody poop and is most definatly still connected inside her anus. When ever she poops it comes out the sides and is stunting the growth of her new feathers. The other chicks dont pick on her, but she does seem less active than the others. Is it to late for her, or can she be easily fixed?


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Jun 13, 2010
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Chickens have only one opening that serves both to deliver wastes and eggs. This "vent" sometimes does "prolapse" or come out of the hen's body. Depending on the age, sometimes you can help the chicken put the prolapse back in. That said, if this is a chick who is only a few days old, I would think the prognosis isn't good. If she is having problems now, they will only get worse with time.

In the meantime, you can separate her from the others so that the prolapse doesn't get pecked and be sure she is safe from harm. If you search for "prolapse" in this forum, you will find lots more info (but usually about older laying hens). Be sure if she is separated from the others that she has adequate warmth and a place to escape the warmth in her area in addition to water and feed.

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