5 week old Salmon hatchery pullet with black breast?


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Apr 4, 2013
This is Yolk-O Ohno...I am hoping she's just an ugly hen...but 'her' feathers are a bit behind the others :/ what do you think? 'She is the sweetest of course :/ and of the three we got this is the one I picked out...LOL

That looks like a boy, even if it is a mix or id'd wrong and the color doesn't mean boy, it looks like a baby roo at 5 weeks.
That's what I figured :( I am so incredibly sad. I ordered chicks from mypetchicken.com 10 died 8 survived (5 were for someone else, they got MY salmon pullet (they didn't want a salmon but the others they wanted died) and we already know we have one roo... and now this one too...glargh...and I really wanted a salmon too :( pout pout...guess I will just have to wait until 10 week so I can collect my refund and then next year and hope that someone local has them. Also will have one really lonely chicken this winter...LOL...
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Geeze, sorry about the bad luck you have had with the chicks. Any chance you can find others around that age locally to keep the one pullet company though the winter?
I think I may donate her (much to my kids sadness) to a local farm I work with....she will have company there and we can visit :/ she also is a homely white easter egger....homely because she has random black spots lol.
I could find any salmons local...that was the whole reason I ordered online and now I still don't get one. Very expensive and emotionally taxing mistake
I feel ya! I ordered salmon faverolle hatching eggs and hatched a load of roosters.
It can be quite frustrating.
Oh my word that would be AWFUL! I think I am going to a different breed next time...we can only have three hens so I want to be picky :)

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