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I know this is a little bit early considering I don't get my chicks until sunday. but I get pheasant chicks may 20 and chickens april 13. by the time I get the my pheasant they will be a little bit over 5 weeks old. I only have one lamp so would my cickens be good with no lamp at 5 weeks of age?
Without a heatlamp nope...They aren't fully feathered til 8 to 10 weeks old...they can still chill and you could lose them...my opinion
By the time mine were 5 wks. they needed very little heat from the lamp. This can be a bit risky, but I think they might be ok, if you have them in nice warm area. With the weather improving ( not sure where you live ), you may be able to get away with it.....
However, heat lamps are really quite cheap so you should go ahead and get another one.
s6bee I live up north in Vermont. 5 weeks from getting my chicks would bring us to about may 18 it will be about 75 degrees in the house/garage + our garage has insulation
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