5 weeks old moved to coop with big girls ??question??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by whatsup chickenbutt, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. whatsup chickenbutt

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    Sep 9, 2008
    I moved 3 of my five week old chicks to the chicken yard today just to let them get used to the older chickens. they have plenty of places to hide so there is no problem with them being pecked at. they were there all day, doing wonderfully, and then i put them back in their bird cage at about 5 and put them in the coop with the other birds (but in their birdcage). This is the first time they will be without their heatlamp. They should be ok right? Probably 35 at night.

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    First off, you shouldn't be integrating your chicks until they are around the same size as the others. A full grown chicken could kill a 5 week old chick, even if they can hide. Chickens can be unpredictable sometimes. As far as the heat lamp, YES they definitely will need one! Mine are 8 weeks old and they still need one.
  3. We have some 5 and 6 week old chicks out now but we still keep them under lamps. Depends alot on what breed and how well they have feathered out. Has been cold here the last couple of nights, into the low 30's. Have ours under lamps tonight as it is supposed to get back down into the low 30's. We don't chance it and it keeps them happy. It is supposed to start warming back up after tomorrow so will probably end the lights.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    I have two coops and yards seperate from each other, one holds 12 pullets and hens, and one holds 3 rescued battery hens who are extremely docile and must be kept away from the rest of the flock because they are attacked. This is where i put the three chicks, and they are good with them. Also, I have several areas in the yard where the chicks can go that the larger girls cannot, should they decide to peck at them. I was out there with them the whole time and they were fine. Now, inside the coop, becuase it is much smaller, I have them separated into their bird cage, because i dont want to risk any bad behavior in such close quarters. These three are fully feathered, which is why I began puting them out in the yard to integrate with the other birds. I have 4 others who are not fully feathered yet, so I am keeping them under the light at night. I should also add that the coop is an insulated 6x6 plywood box inside of a fully enclosed barn. Ive read so many posts on here where people have integrated there chicks right about at this age, so thats why I thought it would be safe. Maybe I'd better rethink that.

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    Hey Eric,
    I still have my heat on for the young ones as well and they all under it, it's been cold. I would keep it on for them, if they want or need it, it's there..
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    My current chicks are two weeks old. I turn the heat light off during the day, and back on at dusk. It's ~ 50* high, and 30* low. Makes their feathers grow faster [​IMG]

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