5 wk old meaties out in cold


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
I am now making my meat babies(5 wo) go outside to eat as they need to move around and only have 3'x10' inside area. don't use a tractor yet and their current inside area has brooder light(which some like to sit under-others avoid). it is 37 degrees this a.m. and put their food outside and some are not QUITE fully feathered but they seem to be liking the outside even tho it is cold(they of course adore their food!) these are my first meaties and I am just surprised at how well 5 wk. old babies can do in cooler weather(once again-they can run inside if they want and heat up) and will move the NOW 2 wo layers out to the shed in appx. 3 weeks when meaties are processed. don't remember how well my other layers were feathered at 5 wks old but the meaties are mostly covwered now.

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