50+ Colorful Coturnix Eggs!! Browns, Reds, Cinnamons, Whites, Tibetans


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I will have 50+ eggs to ship on Monday, the buyer that was going to get them backed out. They are mostly jumbo browns, but I also have whites (a&m), tibetan tuxedo, golden, red-golden, cinnamon, and tibetan. I've been getting 1-3 eggs daily from the 'other color' pens (ETA: That would be 1-3 eggs from each pen, not total
), but the jumbo browns are faithfully laying 7-8 eggs daily. I have 31 eggs from today and yesterday so far, so it should be quite a few more than 50 eggs.

I also sell these on a regular basis, the BIN price is $5 for 15+ eggs. You can check my pages for more pics of my birds. I also have button quail eggs available.

You can check my feedback on the feedback thread here, or check the quail forum for news of my hatchlings. I am shelleyd2008270 on ebay, you can check my feedback there as well if you like.

Any questions, ask here or send me a pm. Thanks for looking!

If the eggs I have aren't sold by Monday, rest assured that your eggs will be fresh
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