50 sq ft. coop + 300 sq. ft run = how many chickens?

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    I have seen several different numbers as to how much space is needed per chicken for coops and runs, but I'm still not sure exactly how many chickens we can comfortably support with 50 sq ft of coop space and 300 sq ft of run.

    Right now we have 6 adult chickens (5 large breed, 1 bantam) and 3 chicks. It seems like they have more than enough room. With as much space as we have, would 10 adult chickens have enough room? What would be the maximum number of chickens that much area could safely support?

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    General guidelines are 10sqft per bird run space, 4sqft per bird coop space (there are a number of variables that can influence these dimensions). Your coop space is likely more a limiting factor, so 12 would be the most one would comfortably keep.

    The more space your chickens have, the less stressed and healthier they will be.
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    Depending on how the coop is setup, in theory that much space would support 10 to 12 adult birds. In addition to the space is the issue of balance. The amount of ventilation, roost space, nest boxes, etc. There are factors per bird or per square foot for most of those.

    Assuming it offers good protection from the elements and predators, having a large run like that takes the pressure off the coop.
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    No matter how large your coop is, if you lack adequate roosting perch space, your chickens will suffer overcrowding issues.

    Common wisdom says one foot of sleep perch space per chicken, but I like a foot and a half since chickens flapping their way up onto the roosting perch may knock off the ones already on it when the perch is too short.

    Your run is large enough, theoretically, for thirty chickens. But even in the run, adequate perches are crucial to maintain the peace.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    So, it seems that (with enough perch space) 10-12 adults should be fine.
    I'm not sure how much perch space I have as of right now, but it's probably around 8 ft. It shouldn't be too much of a problem to add a little more.

    I think I'll put our max occupancy at 10. That will give us a little growing room and keep me out of trouble w/ the wife. She's not as chicken-crazy as I am.

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    There are many variables and components to 'enough space'.
    Your coop might be 5x10....but is all that floor space clear?
    Pics would help to spot problems.
    Climate can really change things.
    Security of run can change things too.
    Crowding stinks.
    Keep in mind long term plans too......integration of new birds takes extra space.

    Good article in my signature on Space

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