$500 "Construction" Loan....need blue prints--duck/goose coop

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  1. So I finally broke down hubby enough to allow me to hire someone to make me goose & duck pens & shelter/coop. He gave me a $500 budget. The pen needs to be large enough for 6 Muscovies, 4 black Cayugas and 4 Sebastopols. The Muscovies, I'm housing separately from the Sebbies & Cayugas because they are mean and beat up the Cayugas and the geese!

    So....I need blueprints...needs to be about 8 x 8 or 4 x 8 (two different areas)...these kids need blueprints--I tried to explain my ideas but just got blank looks....
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    Definitely check CL all the time! I've gotten almost all my fencing off of it for either free, or silly cheap. I see great sheds and coops on there too. I'm a CL addict.......I love coming home with a truckload of stuff for 10.00, that would have cost me a few hundred new! [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Yeah...I checked about 4 different locations, so far...the problem is we're so far from everything! [​IMG] So we'd have to rent a trailer (I checked & it's $60/day) to drive someone to get a shed or something so then we have to factor in gas. Ours is $3.15/gallon for regular right now and we get about 11mpg when towing!
  4. So my hubby came up with the idea of having some highschool kids in wood shop make me my duck/goose coop(s). But I need plans!!

    It will need to house 3-4 sebbies & 3-4 muscovies on one side and 3 muscovies on the other (I have the 'scovies separated by color).

    We get -10 here with LOTS of snow. Ideally, I'd like it to be movable (tractor-like) so we can move it with the backhoe or truck.

    I need to stay under $300 or so in materials (minus the roofing)--which we already have enough metal from the old coop for an 8 x 8...

    the other "catch" is that it has to fit in the back of our truck--or has be made, disassembled & re-assembled once at our place...

    Does anyone have any designs/blue prints for such a thing? Oh and we don't want a floor that I'll have to clean...
  5. Oh and total $500 includes the fencing. I was thinking hog panels with welded wire over that and t-posts so we could take it down & move it...

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    I agree with looking for deals on C.L. Otherwise i'm not the one to ask. I started with a 6x8 ft. storage shed conversion plan. By the time i added a covered run, bought too many chickens and added 2 6ft. coops with covered runs i figure my total to be well over 1000 bucks. I quit keeping track after about 700. I figure i will have to eat free eggs for the next 10 years to even come close to being cost effective. LOL. But they sure are fun. LOL
  7. Unfortunately, the nearest CL "location" is a 3 hour (round trip) drive. Factor in renting a flat bed trailer at $60/per day....and gas at 11 (more like 10) mpg and you have $200 just in gas/time/trailer rental. So it's not really ecomonical. Plus, hubby doesn't want a floor in there (it's not like he has to clean it, but still) and it has to be mobile...It's got to house 3-4 geese and 6 muscovies.
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    High school wood shops can often "deliver" I know mine did. Also call the FFA department,you might find a farm kid in need of a project and a few $
  9. Yeah, we've got some kids lined up and the use of a flat bed if we pay for it...but I need blue prints...

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    do a search for free coop blueprints.

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