50ct - 150ct. Mealworm PUPAE Breeders. FS. Breed Mealworms Easily!


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To those who have bought pupae's from Rainstorm these are from her's I am just handling the transactions for right now.

2nd Stage Mealworm Pupae for sale, Dump them in a 12x12 container or larger and let em shift into beetles and breed thousands of your own mealworms within weeks. out of about 30 beetles I got around 5000-6000 Mealworms.

Pupae Counts and Prices 150ct for $15. 100ct $12. 50ct $9. Shipping is Free Add $2 per 50 extra added after 150.

Included is a Caresheet for both the beetles and the mealworms. This is not a simple caresheet I printed off, It is one MADE from own personal experience on what method works best!

Bug life varies but have had them go nearly 3 months breeding all the way to the end!

To get started you only need the Container and a simple apple or potato slices and what you choose for bedding.

a cup of Chick grower works great for starters, expecially if you dont remember to feed them or the breeding beetles.

Paypal Only

Several Extra's will be added for any losses.

Will be shipped First class 1-3 days after Payment is recieved.



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