$59 for the Standard of Perfection - Christmas Special

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    Just noticed in the APA newsletter that the SOP is available as a Christmas Special for $59.
    And….. if I understood correctly, the shipping is included. This is a price that can't be beat, I would think.

    TO ORDER: Go to our webstore at: www.amerpoultryassn.com Or Send payment in full to: APA PO Box 306 Burgettstown, PA 15021

    Phone: 724-729-3459

    Canadian and foreign orders must be placed thru the office Email: [email protected] for shipping costs

    All US orders include shipping Christmas orders must be received by December 15
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    That's a good deal! Just in time for last minute shopping. I love my SOP. Such high quality, both in the book itself and the info inside. The 1st 40 pages are so instructive and the color plates really help me to understand the SOP text for my breed, the Sussex.

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