5wk Old Muscovy ducklings...any guesses boys/girls?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DawnB, Jul 23, 2013.

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    These 3 are 5wks old yesterday (these pics were when they were 4-1/2wks). I just call them Uno, Dos & Tres. There is no significant difference in size...so, I either have 3 of the same or I just need to be more patient. Is there any identifying characteristics besides size that will help guess sex?

    I've never had muscovies from ducklings. Do the males trill until they get old enough to "he-haw" quack? These 3 "talk" all the time. What are your thoughts?

    Also...how long do they have to stay with my duck? I picked one up last week and she went nuts. She still sleeps with them separated from my mixed flock. She will take them on excursions and mingle with the drake, geese and chickens. Didn't know if there was a specific cut off time or not.



    with Mom...


    taking a dip...
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    Cute, I don't know about those odd quacks.
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    With Muscovy it's all size, voice comes much later by then you'll already know what sex they are. Drakes outsize girls, legs, feet overall etc.

    If there all running about the same size at 5wks they are likely all the same sex, you start to see a directional change by 3-4wks.. it's like the drakes are put on overdrive and the ducks appear to stop.

    As for weaning, up to you.. i prefer to leave my mama's with their young till they wean, they teach a lot stuff no other person can but that age will vary on the duck, my last clutch she gave up by week 3/4.

    Here comparison.. the ducklet is in the back, drake in the front... this was my June hatch..


    My mar hatch..


    The bird to the furthest left is the duck, the rest are all drakes.
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    Its hard to tell from pics but to me: the 2nd pic looks like a girl in the middle, the 3rd pic the 2 standing look to be male.

    There should be an evident size difference by now. Any that are close to mom's size are male and that are small are female.

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