6 1/2-week-old laying hens $8 each & free roosters - NH

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    Jun 20, 2008
    Northern New England
    Ordered 25 baby chicks (pullets) from the hatchery and they sent me 41...so now that I've brooded them and they're out in their new coop, I need to find new homes for at least 16 chicks. They were all brooded together, same ages - six and a half weeks old - healthy and feathering normally. Growing like weeds. Breeds are Buff Orps, Barred Rocks, NH Reds, and what we believe are Black Stars or Sex Links. We ordered three breeds, they sent four. Will let some of all breeds go. $8 each for the pullets, roosters are free. We have at least two roos that need to go. Help! We need more room in the coop...designed for 25 not 41!

    Please contact me on this forum if you are interested - or pass the info along if you know someone who is. We live in the southern Lakes Region of NH.

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    Aug 6, 2008
    central Vermont
    I just read your post, since I am looking for a BR cockerel to grow up with our newest chicks, 11 cute ladies of 6 breeds, including 3 BR. They are almost 8 weeks old, very close to yours. (We also have 7 older gals and eventually will mix them all when they're the same size.) This would be our first rooster...need him for flock protection and to "keep the peace". Actually, our younger gals are mild and friendly. I'd like to raise a young rooster with our chicks, getting him while he's young.

    Do you still have a BR young rooster who's looking for a new home? [​IMG] We live in central VT, below Rutland, so the distance would be do-able...I'm flexible.

    Ellen, aka ChickaD
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    Jan 31, 2008
    How many Buff Orpingtons are you looking to get rid of???

    I can pick them up Monday.
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