6 1/2 wk olds are Happy Campers...

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  1. Well we finished up our coop yesterday and wehn I went out this morning with the door closed all night it wsa nice and comfortable in there. Dark but warm. We took the 6 1/2 wk/olds [​IMG] out there this morning and they love it, more room to roam [​IMG] . Then it decided to rain more than just a sprinkle and I had to run out and shew them inside the coop and close the door off to keep them in. The roof over the run leaks a little, but it keeps most of the rain out. I checked the coop after a heavy downpour and it was dry and that's the main thing. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    It's a nice feeling knowing that they are safe and happy.
  3. [​IMG] Yes it is, we reinforced the lower section of fence on the run so no predators can get to them. They were running, jumping, and clowning around while we were finishing up the run. Then it decided to pour down rain, so I took them inside and showed them where the roost was and they stayed on roost til the storm blew over. They finally got down and checked out their new water and feeder and were acting all HAPPY... [​IMG] [​IMG]

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