6+(10 so far and hope for a dozen) Lemon Blue Bantam Cochin Split eggs


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
Fort Payne, AL
I have a splash Lemon Blue rooster with 2 blue pullets and 1 spalsh hen. I have been hatching eggs for weeks and at the moment have 100% hatching, so fertility is very good. The chicks will be blue or spalsh, carrying Lemon Blue, so your next generation should begin producing some good Lemon Blues.
I will make sure that the eggs will be carefully packed and safely shipped, but cannot guarantee the treatment by the postal service. I will collect eggs through the weekend and ship on Monday morning. I will send all of the eggs they lay over the weekend (6+ eggs).




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I have 8 eggs right now and will include all of their eggs for today and tomorrow, so I hope to have a dozen to send out on Monday morning.
I'm tempted...
If I bid and win, can I pick up (I'm in Bowdon GA) - not too far to drive

Do you have any grown lemon blue Bantam cochin to show us?

What are their bloodlines???

Thanks and have a blessed day.....

I'll be back to check for answers:) Have a blessed day. Nancy
I'd be very glad for you to come by and pick them up. In fact, I have some chicks that are hatching if you'd rather buy chicks -- completely up to you. You can meet "Monet" in person. He is my splash Lemon Blue rooster seen in the photos. I have already started collecting these eggs, so if you come to pick up, I hope you can come early in the week so they will be good and fresh eggs. If you want to come at a different time, don't bid on these eggs, just let me know what date you'd like them (give me at least 4 days notice to collect maybe 10-12 eggs).

I'm afraid that I don't really know anything about the Lemon Blue's line. I have had him for almost a year. I bought him and the splash hen from a local breeder because I thought he was beautiful -- I had seen pictures of Lemon Blues and loved them and snatched him up. (I'm afraid that I don't even know the breeders name or have contact info). The 2 blue pullets were hatched from eggs. One was from "Little Amerucana Mom" and the other was from "Covered Bridge Poultry".

I have 5 chicks hatch this morning. I have hatched about 25 chicks from them in the past 6 weeks or so and every egg I've put in the incubator has hatched so fertility is very good. I usually get at least 2 eggs a day from the 3 girls (and often get 3).

Thank you. Let me know what you decide. And I will be happy to try and answer anymore questions.


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