6-7 month old Bantam Aracuna Rooster in NC .. FREE to a good home.


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12 Years
Nov 24, 2007
Hillsborough NC
My favorite Hen turns out to be a Rooster. Does anyone close to Hillsborough NC want a free Bantam Aracuna Rooster (not for eating). He has lots of personality and is not mean .. I raised him inside my house because I thought he was a she and she was being picked on .. well He has come of age and I work too early and my walls are too thin. .. He is missing a few digits on his toes .. a dog bit his toes off before i owned him .. I took him to save him (a her at the time .. and I paid 15 dollars for her). .. Please Adopt this Roo. .. I call him Fred cause his name used to be Princess Freeda Wonder

I also posted this in Me, My Chickens, and Family section because I hate to get rid of Fred and finding him a good home is important to me
.. im going to try not to get as attached to chickens from here on out lol!

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