6-7 week old OEG bantam roo eating feathers ...


11 Years
Mar 23, 2009
I've seen him eat several small ones off the ground...and he's tried to eat some larger ones and failed. But I don't think he's picking at the others.
They are pretty much only getting their medicated starter feed and some free range time. But I also noticed he doesn't seem to eat
as much from the feeder as the other 2 chicks (which I think are hens). Is this normal?
From about 3 weeks on, until they get their adult plumage the will eat any small feathers that fall out. They try on the larger feathers, but the feather is too stiff to swallow. Babies are constantly shedding feathers as they grow bigger ones to fit the bigger body. At around 3 months they will get all "pin feathered" as the adult feathers come in and they should look like adults in their coloring at this point. For all the feather gobbling when they float in the air, I haven't had a picking problem with babies. It does keep the loose feathers under control. If you are concerned, feed them 20% protein or better starter feed.
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