6-8 silkie hatching eggs (paint, BBS) for BLR wyandottes

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    I am looking to trade hatching eggs. I am looking for blue laced red wyandotte large fowl hatching eggs of very good quality birds. I am will ing to trade some of my silkie hatching eggs. currently I have pens set up of Blue/Splash formerly covered by a paint roo, just swapped out to a black roo- this pen will produce black and blue if covered by the black roo, otherwise will produce black, blue, paint, khaki and the occasional pure white. I can also throw in a few eggs from my other pens which are black over paint hens and paint over black hens but those eggs will be limited.
    my birds are shown and have won in their classes (BB/BV/and the splash is a 2x best in jr show winner)
    the paints have won BV, and one has won best nontypical bird in show under tom roebuck.(as they can't win any more then BV)
    the bird in my avatar is from the BBS pen with the paint roo covering.



    this is a current hatch of babies- paint over black, and the BSpen with the paint roo



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    Hi, I just saw this listing and I have some incredible BLRW's. I bought my birds from Garret Justice of Dwarf's are Us Farm in Virginia. He bought his original stock from Foley.
    I will send a photo of the pair that I have so that you can see the quality. The hen began laying last fall, and she is laying most days when it is sunny here in NC.
    I would be interested in trading you 10 eggs for 10 of your lovely silkie eggs. My farm is NPIP in NC. I own Hens and Friends Poultry.
    I took these photos this past fall. It will be about 4 months before they are in full bloom featherwise. They are much larger that they appear in the photos. The rooster weighs about 9 pounds and the hen weighs about 7 pounds.
    The top picture is "Sharp Dressed Man" The second photo is SDM with his hen "Crazy Girl" and the last one is of her as well. I only have the pair, right now. Originally I paid quite a price for 6 chicks and 5 of them were roosters! Crazy Girl started laying eggs this past fall, and I have a pair of 4 month old offspring. When winter set in, she took a break from laying and she started back a few weeks ago. She will absolutely not lay an egg on a cloudy day. [​IMG] I have 10 of their eggs in the incubator right now. I hope you like them.
    Let me know if you would like to trade. Feel free to call me at 704-657-7360
    Sincerely, Jody


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