6+ B/B/Splash & Part/Lav Split Silkies 1 Day auction!

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    I have too many eggs for the incubator so I'm offering up my extras. I am listing this as a one day auction as they are fresh and ready to go. I will include any extras that the girls lay today or tomorrow.

    Eggs will be from 2 of my B/B/Splash pens (Roos/hens are all from noted SQ lines) One hen is a Showgirl.

    Also included are Penciled Partridge/Lav split Hens (1 Showgirl non lav split) with a Partridge Roo and a Black Roo. Both Roos are Lav Split as are all but one of the hens in this pen so who knows, maybe you might get Lav? (no promises, but maybe) The roos are young but are breeding. Biggest flaw on the two roos is their comb is redder then I'd like. Other then that, everyone has 5 toes, dark skin and most have vaulted skulls.

    I have a bunch of these in the incubator now and they are all developing great, due to hatch in 5 days.

    Please paypal to [email protected] at the end of the auction. That way, I can get them off to their new home by tomorrow afternoon!

    As with every auction, I cannot guarantee the eggs once they leave me, but I will bubble wrap each egg and pack them well.
    Any questions, just ask! I have lots more photos too, including the rooster that the partridge are out of!!



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    Jun 7, 2009
    I will buy them if they are still available. Please PM me.

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