6+ Bantam Cochin and Cochin mixed eggs

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    Here is my auction:

    6+ Bantam Cochin and Cochin mixed eggs. The flock currently all runs together, so there are chances of getting mixes, HOWEVER, so far, all I've hatched out are pure Cochins and one Cochin/Silkie mix. Here is what is in my coop:

    Blue Splash
    Black (frizzled hen only)
    White (hen is frizzled)
    Black Mottled

    My Barred, Blue Splash, and Black Mottled roos are the dominant roos in this coop and do the good majority of the breeding, and even though the Barred is Alpha roo, I don't see him breeding as much as the Splash and Mottled! I also have in this pen:

    1 Mille Fleur d'Uccle hen
    a trio of White Silkies (though I just pulled the roo out 2 days ago for an injury and he's recovering in my bathroom
    1 Dark Brahma roo
    BO's (they don't all breed though!)
    1 Black Silkie mix
    1 Standard Welsummer mixed hen but I can pull her eggs out if you don't want them. She's a sweetheart though! I hatched her out last summer.

    All the chicks I've hatched out, even the mix, have had wonderful foot feathering and awesome temperments. The colors I have hatched out so far are:

    And the Cochin/Silkie mix came out the darkest shade of gray where it's just barely lighter than black, VERY pretty!

    So I'm offering up a half dozen plus eggs. Extras as long as the ladies lay them. My birds are healthy, happy, and very much loved. We are out there daily hugging and kissing on them. Here are some pics of the flock:

    And some chicks I've hatched out:
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    Do you have enough of these I could order 6 now? Or do you only have one auction worth, if so I'd like to go ahead & order some, thank you!

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