6+ Bantam Frizzle Cochin (Fancies) Mixed Color hatching eggs **NPIP**

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  1. This offer is for Bantam Frizzle Cochin (Fancies) fertile hatching eggs .

    You will receive 6+ eggs from Our 2 different frizzle cochin pens of (Mixed Color flocks)

    Pen #1- frizzle cochin Roo x Smooth feathered cochin hens , hen colors ( white , Black ,red , golden laced,mottled,Buff,Blue,splash,white/cream )

    Pen #2- White frizzle cochin Roo x smooth feathered hens,hen colors (white,buff,splash)

    We have been getting some Beatiful baby chicks from these guys. (Solid colors and pattern birds)

    All eggs will be indivisually bubble wraped and packaged well. I gaurentee fresh,fertile eggs of the breed being auctioned and that your eggs will be packaged safely for their journey.
    The fertility has been excellant ,We hatch eggs from these pens on a regular basis. I have lots of them in the bator at this time and they are all growing well !

    As with all shipped hatching eggs I cannot gaurentee your hatch rate due to too many variables out of my control after the eggs leave our farm..... such as shipping & handling,different incubation methods,and incubation equipment and etc.

    We will ship eggs out the following day payment is received ,please pay at auction end so we can get hatching eggs right out to you.You can make payment to : [email protected]

    We also accept Postal money orders ,but paying by this method will take longer for you to receive your hatching eggs.

    We are NPIP cerified and you will get a VS 9-3 form with your hatching egg shipment .

    If you have any questions ,please feel free to ask before you bid .

    some of our Frizzle cochin hens

    Smooth frizzle cochin Roo x Frizzle cochin hens

    Frizzle cochin Roo

    Thank you for looking at our auction !

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